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Play Keno Australia Best Platform Online

Play Keno Australia Best Platform Online

Keno W88 – Easy to Play, Easy to Win

Keno is an easy game to learn; the basic understanding of this game in land-based casinos is the same as in Keno Online.

The origins of this game can be traced back to China.

This is a basic number game in which 20 numbered balls are picked randomly out of eight balls.

Before each draw, the player needs to place a bet such as odd/even, small/big, parlay, five elements, etc.

Listed below are some of the basic bet types from the Keno W88.

〉Up, Down, and Tie
based on the majority of twenty balls; Up if (1-40) and Down if (40-80).

〉Big, Small, and Tie
depends on the sum of the twenty balls; Small if below 810, Big if more than 810, and Tie if exactly equal to 810.

Keno W88 - Easy to Play, Easy to Win

Keno W88 – Easy to Play, Easy to Win

〉Even, Odd, and Tie
on what the majority number is out of the twenty picked numbers.

〉Odd, Even
similar to Big and Small, but this one, Odd and Even, is based on the summary of the twenty numbers.

〉Parlay Big/Small, Odd/Even
combination of Odd-Even and Big-Small.
It can be Small-Even, Small-Odd, Big-Even, and Big-Odd.

〉Five Elements
from the sum of the twenty balls, choose from the five elements as:
Gold (210-695), Wood (696-763), Water (764-855), Fire (856-923), and Earth (924-1410).

〉Pearl Ball
chooses five numbers out of the 80 numbers.

Keno W88 - Easy to Play, Easy to Win - Multi-platform

Keno W88 – Easy to Play, Easy to Win – Multi-platform

Visit the W88 Keno Australia today and enjoy exciting odds for all the best options available.

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Steps to Access Keno Online in Australia

Access real money Keno gambling games today by simply following the below easy steps.

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1. Refer to the links on this W88 blog page to be redirected to the official website.

2. Create an account by clicking the ‘JOIN’ button on the homepage.

3. Make your first deposit and collect a welcome bonus of up to AUD 60.

4. Refer to the Lottery tab, choose Keno, and start placing your winning bet!

Steps to Access Keno Online in Australia

Steps to Access Keno Online in Australia

Follow the above instruction and access the best Keno Australia online!

No need to visit any land-based casinos out of your town.

Simply get your devices whether phone, tablet, or PC, and play right away.

Summary for Keno W88

Keno Online at W88 Australia is indeed the best platform for every Australian lottery lover.

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Convenient entertainment is now a few clicks away from you.

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