Fantasy Sports W88 Review | W88 Fantasy Sports Promotions | Dream Team Fantasy Sports W88 Guideline

Fantasy Sports W88 is your chance to compete for life-changing prize money. Impressive sports gambling is right up your alley with flexible gameplay via desktop and mobile devices.

Fantasy Sports W88 Review - Your Dream Sports Betting Made True

Fantasy Sports W88 is spreading so fast in Australia and the rest of Asia. Who wouldn’t adore assembling your dream team of real players to participate in the World Sports Leagues? Fantasy Sports makes it possible for your team to compete based on the statistical performance from the actual games. Your dream sports betting just got better and made your reality with this exciting and addicting W88 offer.

Fantasy Sports W88 Review
Fantasy Sports W88 Review - Your Dream Sports Betting Made True

Fantasy Sports W88 Review discovered that this event dates back to 2019 and continues to bring joy to every sports lover this year. With a great track record and positive feedback, W88 offers a new round of Fantasy Premier League Game for the 2020/21 Season.

Simple Steps on How to Play Fantasy Sports W88

This year, W88 has record-breaking prize money when you join Fantasy Sports from W88. This Fantasy Sports W88 Review will share the easy steps to access Fantasy Sports. For starters, you have to use our updated W88 affiliate links to visit the official homepage then click Join. Log in with your username and password then select Sports. Choose Fantasy Sports then Play Now to open a new page of amazing sports gambling.

How to Play Fantasy Sports W88
Simple Steps on How to Play Fantasy Sports W88

Here’s how to play Fantasy Sports W88:
〉Enter a Tournament – All kinds of sports are covered. Pick a tournament you like from thousands of options.
〉Assemble your Team – Create your dream team by picking your own players. Mix and match as you like until you have the team you want.
〉Play and Win – Compete against other players for the opportunity to win both money and respect.

How to Play Fantasy Sports W88
Guidelines on How to Play Fantasy Sports W88

With Fantasy Sports from W88, you can win a mammoth of prize money at AUD 1,600,000. The first-place winner gets a huge reward of AUD 320,000. The second placer will receive AUD 160,000 while the winner in the third place can take home AUD 96,000.

Fantasy Sports W88 Guideline - Rules of the Game

The Fantasy Sports cash pool is so enticing. As such, it is best to follow the given Fantasy Sports W88 Guideline. If you want to practice how to play Fantasy Sports W88, note the following:
→Create a squad of 15 players. This includes 2 GK’s, 5 DEF’s, 5 MID’s, and FWD’s.
→You can take 3 players (maximum) from one Premier League Team.
→The allocated budget to build an initial team is 100M.
→The prices of the player’s can rise and fall. It will be based on form and in-game transfer movement.
→The Sell price of the player is similar to their live Buy price.

Fantasy Sports W88 Guideline
Fantasy Sports W88 Guideline - Rules of the Game

→Until Game week 1 deadline, unlimited changes can be made. The deadline for Gameweek is 1 hour before the initial match kick-off.
→Each week, you have to nominate a Captain and Vice Captain where the Captain scores double points.
→Each Game week, there is 1 free transfer. Each additional transfer costs minus 4 points.
→Game week transfers can be saved but can’t have over 2 free transfers.
→You get 2 Wildcards. 1 for each half season. With the Wildcard, you can have unlimited free transfers.

Have Extra Credit with W88 Fantasy Sports Promotions

Following the Fantasy Sports W88 Guideline is one ticket to win. Another way is to take advantage of the W88 Fantasy Sports Promotions offer. Register at W88 and score extra credit of AUD 60. Get this welcome bonus that can be claimed only once when you deposit AUD 12 or more. Look for Apply Now to join this promo and be rewarded with additional money once you qualify.

W88 Fantasy Sports Promotions
Have Extra Credit with W88 Fantasy Sports Promotions

Fantasy Sports W88 Guideline FAQ

To play, make sure you have a W88 account. Click Join from the W88 homepage to get started with the easy registration process.
Besides the huge prizes for the top 3 contenders, players who make it to the top 29 will also win AUD 4,000 minimum. Players up to 5,659th position will also get cold hard cash.
Enter the season-long game from W88 for 33 weekly tournaments. In each period, top managers will be played with weekly and monthly prizes.

Fantasy Sports will make you realize your dreams of taking part in the tournaments. You do not have to be sporty to become a player and claim big prizes.

W88 is very adaptable. You can play Fantasy Sports using a desktop or laptop. You can even play on the move via tablets and mobile devices.

To participate in this Fantasy Sports offering of W88, you have to pay AUD 37. This amount is so minimal compared to the gigantic moolah you can win.

W88 supports bank transfers, online banking, credit cards, and even cryptocurrencies.

Visit W88 to also get your hands on the Live Casino, Slots, P2P, Lottery, Games, Fishing, and more. All W88 games come with 24/7 expert customer care.

Fantasy Sports W88 Review - Register to Live Your Dream

Fantasy Sports W88 will test your skills not only in terms of organization but also in the strategies department. Claim your chance to win a huge victory plus W88 Fantasy Sports Promotions. Your dream team is no longer a fantasy because you can live it as a Fantasy Premier League player. With W88, you can hone your skills and go home with a hefty pay in your pocket!